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      art I Vocabulary and Structure (10%)

      1. In India more than one hundred languages are spoken, ________ which only fourteen are recognized as official.

      A) of B) in C) with D) within

      2. ______ is reported in the newspapers, talks between the two countries are making progress.

      A. It B. As C. That D. What

      3. There’s _____ cooking oil left in the house. Would you go to the corner store and get _____?

      A. little; some B. little; any C. a little; some D. a little; any

      4. _____ in the queue for half an hour, Tom suddenly realized that he had left his wallet at home.

      A. To wait B. Have waited C. Having waited D. To have waited

      5. The teacher, with 6 girls and 8 boys of her class, _______ visiting a museum when the earthquake struck.

      A. was B. were C. had been D. would be

      6. My advisor encouraged _______ a summer course to improve my writing skills.

      A. for me taking B. me taking C. for me to take D. me to take

      7. ,What’s that terrible noise?

      ,The neighbors _______ for a party.

      A. have prepared B. are preparing C. prepare D. will prepare

      8. I invited Joe and Linda to dinner, but ______ of them came.

      A. neither B. either C. none D. both

      9. It’s nice to hear from her again. ________, we last met more than thirty years ago.

      A. What’s more B. That’s to say C. In other words D. Believe it or not 10. He insisted that his brother ____ the window. It was clear that someone else broke the window.

      A. should not break B. should not have broken

      C. hadn't broken D. would not break

      Part II Fill in the Blanks (8%)

      detail require internal bet

      specific tour bear spirit

      11. I____ he won’t home.

      12. We are discussing the____ of the plan.

      13. Everyone wants to make a round-the-world ____.

      14. Can ____ and body be separated?

      15. If you ____ further information, please phone me.

      16. This decision was made according to the ____ circumstances.

      17. ____ trade is also very important.

      18. He cannot ____ to talk about it, even to me.

      Part III Reading Comprehension (52%)

      Passage One:

      In an effort to produce the largest, fastest, and most luxurious ship afloat, the British built the Titanic. It was so superior to anything else on the

      seas that it was called “unsinkable”. So sure of this were the owners that they provided lifeboats for only 950 of its 2,200 passengers.

      Many passengers were aboard the night it ran into an iceberg, only two days at sea and more than half way between England and the New York

      destination. Because the luxury liner was traveling so fast, it was impossible to avoid the huge iceberg. A fire also contributed to the ship’s

      submersion. Panic increased the number of casualties(傷亡) as people jumped into the water or fought to be among the few to board the lifeboats.

      Four hours after the shipwreck, another ship, the Carpathia, rescued the survivors---less than a third of those originally aboard.

      The Titanic enjoyed only two days of sailing glory on its maiden voyage in 1912 before plunging into 12,000 feet of water near the coast of Newfoundland, where it lies today.

      19. Which of the following is NOT true?

      A. The Titanic was the fastest ship afloat.

      B. The Carpathia rescued the survivors.

      C. The Titanic sank near Newfoundland.

      D. Only a third of those aboard died in the accident in 1912.

      20. Which of the following did NOT contribute to the large dearth toll(損失)?

      A. Panic. B. Fire. C. Speed. D. Carpathia.

      21. How many days was the Titanic at sea before sinking?

      A. 2. B. 4. C. 6. D. 12.

      22. The lifeboats had room for less than half of its passengers because ____.

      A. the owners thought that lifeboats were useless and unnecessary for such a giant ship

      B. the ship was considered to be sinkable

      C. there were too many passengers on board the ship

      D. the ship was the largest one in the world

      23. Which of the following statements is true?

      A. The Carpathia picked up most of the passengers.

      B. The tragedy occurred when the ship almost reached its destination.

      C. The ship stuck an iceberg and sank during its first trop from England to New York.

      D. The big fire caused a great number of deaths.

      Passage Two

      About six years ago I was eating lunch in a restaurant in New York City when a woman and a young boy sat down at the next table, I couldn’t help overhearing parts of their conversation. At one point the woman asked: "So, how have you been?" And the boy-who could not have been more than seven or eight years old -replied. "Frankly, I've been feeling a little depressed lately.''

      This incident stuck in my mind because it confirmed my growing belief that children are changing. As far as I can remember, my friends and I didn’t find out we were “depressed” until we were in high school.

      The evidence of a change in children has increased steadily in recent years. Children don’t seem childlike anymore. Children speak more like

      adults, dress more like adults and behave more like adults than they used to.

      Whether this is good or bad is difficult to say, but it certainly is different. Childhood as it once was no longer exists, Why?

      Human development is based not only on innate (天生的) biological states, but also on patterns of access to social knowledge. Movement from

      one social rote to another usually involves learning the secrets of the new status. Children have always been taught adult secrets, but slowly and in stages: traditionally, we tell sixth graders things we keep hidden from fifth graders.

      In the last 30 years. however, a secret-revelation (揭示) machine has been installed in 98 percent of American homes. It is called television,

      Television passes information, and indiscriminately (不加區分地), to all viewers alike, be they children or adults. Unable to resist the temptation, many children turn their attention from printed texts to the less challenging, more vivid moving pictures.

      Communication through print, as a matter of fact, allows for a great deal of control over the social information to which children have access. Reading and writing involve a complex code of symbols that must be memorized and practices. Children must read simple books before they can read complex materials.

      24. According to the author, feeling depressed is ________.

      A) a sure sign of a psychological problem in a child

      B) something hardly to be expected in a young child

      C) an inevitable has of children's mental development

      D) a mental scale present in all humans, including children

      25. Traditionally, a child is supposed to learn about the adult world ________.

      A) through contact with society C) naturally and by biological instinct

      B) gradually and under guidance D)through exposure to social information

      26. The phenomenon that today’s children seem adultiike is attributed by the author to ________.

      A) the widespread influence of television

      B) the poor arrangement of teaching content

      C) the fast pace of human intellectual development

      D) the constantly rising standard of living

      27. Why is the author in favor of communication through print for children?

      A) It enables children to gain more social information.

      B) It develops children's interest in reading and writing.

      C) It helps children to memorize and practice more.

      D) It can control what children are to learn.

      28. What does the author think of the change in today’s children?

      A) He feels amused by chair premature behavior.

      B) He thinks it is a phenomenon worthy of note.

      C) He considers it a positive development.

      D) He seems to be upset about it.

      Passage Three: Decide whether the statements after the text are true (T) or false (F).

      (Rod Benson is a American. He is staying at a hotel in Beijing. He is asking about tours in the capital city.)

      Rod: Can you give me any information about tours?

      Attendant: Yes, sir. I can even arrange a tour for you if you want me to. What would you like to see?

      Rod: I’d like to see the Great Wall.

      Attendant: Would you like to go by coach or by train?

      Rod: What do you recommend?

      Attendant: My advice is to go by coach.

      Rod: I’ll do that then. By the way, all my money is in travelers’ cheques, I’m afraid. Attendant: I can change those for you, sir.

      Rod: Thanks a lot.

      Attendant: It is my pleasure.

      ( )29. Rod Benson comes from America.

      ( )30. Rod is asking for tourist information at a travel agent’s. ( )31. Rod is asking about tours in Beijing.

      ( )32. The hotel can give Rod the information he is asking for. ( )33. The hotel cannot arrange a tour for Rod.

      ( )34. Rod wants to visit the Great Wall.

      ( )35. The hotel suggests that Rod go to the Great Wall by train. ( )36. Rod will go to the Great Wall by train.

      Passage Four: Give brief answers to question 37 to 44 (A group of young people from the United States of America are on holiday in China. They are taking to a Chinese friend, Fu Jie, at a tea house. )

      Fu Jie: So you all went on a conducted tour yesterday afternoon. How did you enjoy it?

      Fritz: It was wonderful.

      Fu Jie: Where did you go first?

      Fritz: First we went to the Tiananmen Square.

      Fu Jie: How did you find it?

      Fritz: Very impressive. It was so impressive that I could hardly bear to leave. Fu Jie: And after that?

      Leo: After that we went to the Forbidden…

      Fu Jie: The Forbidden City.

      Leo: Yes, the Forbidden City. It was fascinating.

      Boris: Then we left the Forbidden City and drove to the Summer Palace. It’s such an exciting place.

      Fu Jie: How did you spend the evening?

      Bill: We went to see Beijing opera.

      Fu Jie: I bet you were dead tired when you got back to your hotel.

      Bill: I was so tired that I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow. 37. Who are the tourists talking to?

      38. Where does the conversation take place?

      39. What did they do yesterday afternoon?

      40. Did they enjoy it?

      41. Where did they go first?

      42. Did Fritz like the Tiananmen Square and how do you know that? 43. Where did they go after that?

      44. How did Leo describe(描述) the Forbidden City?

      Part ? Translation (30%)










      1 ABACA 16 DBADC

      11 bet details tour spirit require specific internal bear

      19 DDAAC B B A D B

      29. TFTT FTFF

      37. Fu Jie 38. at a tea house 39. they went on a conducted tour 40. yes 41. Tiananmen Square 52. yes. It was so impressive that he could hardly bear to leave. 53. the Forbidden City 44. It was fascinating.

      45. This kind of books are usually write for chidren.

      46. The company is managed by my uncle.

      47. English was not taught in the primary school of the country.

      48. The children were safely taken to the museum.

      49. I am looking for my purse, but I still haven’t found it.

      50. She has worked in the company for 8 years, and she will work there for more years.

      51. I will go home after class.

      52. Do I have to pass the exam?




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